The Middle Tennessee economy is booming.

Best Commercial Real Estate Agents in Tennessee

Nashville, as well as other Middle Tennessee cities, has become a hotspot for new and existing businesses in recent years. As a result of a growing economy and population, the Tennessee real estate market is full of opportunity.

Are you looking for Nashville real estate for your business? Check out some of the state’s top commercial real estate agents to get professional help in this growing economy.

Is Tennessee the Right Place for Your Business?

Nashville has long been known as Music City, but that’s far from its only draw.

18 of Fortune’s 1,000 largest companies are located in Nashville, including large tech companies, healthcare headquarters, the entertainment industry, and everything in between. It is constantly growing.

As the availability of high-quality jobs increases in the city, so does the population. As a result, it’s not just Nashville experiencing this growth—many of the surrounding cities, such as Hendersonville, White House, and Gallatin are, too.

The metro Nashville area experienced the 10th largest population increase between 2015 and 2018 among affordable cities. It also helps that Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax, and there is an abounding workforce available in middle Tennessee. 

Ready to make your move and establish an office in Nashville, Hendersonville, or Gallatin?

Top Tennessee Real Estate Agents

With EXIT Real Estate Solutions located in the heart of Sumner County, Hendersonville, TN we know the area and make it easy to find new office space that fits your needs. We can also help with residential relocation. Here are two of our top agents to help you get started today.

Heather Devermann

Heather is the Vice President of EXIT Real Estate Commercial Solutions in Hendersonville, just outside Nashville. She has been the Vice President and Senior Executive Broker of the Inland Real Estate Group in Illinois—one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate groups. She is a top commercial real estate agent and also helps residential clients with relocation.

Jennifer Favata

Jennifer Favata specializes in commercial real estate. She has extensive knowledge of small to medium-sized businesses and their needs. She understands how property can affect every aspect of the business. For a market analysis of the greater Nashville area give Jennifer a call today.

If you are relocating your business to Tennessee and plan on buying real estate in Nashville, Hendersonville, White House, or Gallatin make sure to contact Heather or Jennifer.

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Central Tennessee’s economy is growing and drawing people and businesses from all over the country and the world. With a mild climate, an exciting downtown area, and excellent school districts, it is an incredible place for people to work and live.

If you are ready to secure Tennessee commercial real estate for your growing business, make sure to contact us today to work with the top commercial agents in the area.