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Relocation can be an essential part of an effective talent management plan, providing an opportunity for both the employees and the organization.  However, relocating employees is challenging in so many ways.  It requires so much more than physically moving families and their boxes.

Relocation requires the right partners to help navigate the area and help with the change in environment and lifestyle before, during and after the move.

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A Partnership for Real Estate Relocation.

Relocation Experts - Worldwide ERC Certified

EXIT Real Estate Solutions has Relocation agents that have earned their Certified Relocation Program (CRP®) certificate issued by the Worldwide ERC®. The major purpose of this certification is to demonstrate understanding of best practices and evolution in the employee mobility industry and commitment to ongoing education.

Our goal is to get in front of the challenges to make the move to a new home as seamless as possible for all involved. We have access to, and will happily provide, all the resources and information applicable to employees’ real estate needs. If we don’t have the information on hand, we’ll investigate and provide it as quickly as possible.

Our Relocation specialists support businesses and relocating employees to ensure:

✔ Data and analysis of the destination community is acceptable to both the employees and the organization.

✔ Guided tours of neighborhoods are provided, which point out information on healthcare and school systems.

✔ A seamless home purchase occurs with someone who is familiar with the complex details of purchases within the area.

For additional information on our real estate relocation services, email: or call (615) 826-0001

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Cathy LeCroix - Exit Real Estate Solutions
Relocation Agent

Cathy LaCroix

Cathy comes from Southern California. She knows that relocating is complex and often time a deeply personal endeavor to which the client deserves full service and the responsiveness that only a trained expert can provide.

(951) 532-9818

Samantha - Exit Real Estate Solutions
Relocation Agent

Janet Curtis

As a native of the Middle Tennessee area, born and raised in Nashville, Janet is multi-faceted, has an extensive background in property renovation, and offers a variety of services such as Home Staging and Interior Design consultations. 

(615) 415-0660



“Working with Cathy was such a wonderful experience throughout our entire home buying journey! We are new to the area so not only was she great to work with on the purchasing process, she has also been a great resource to help us get to know the area.”
“We were fortunate enough to meet Cathy at an open house on our first trip to the area. Cathy immediately provided us with information on the area, neighborhoods, and a friendly attitude that understood the complexities of relocating to the area from across the country. . .Cathy was always there for us to answer questions, handle inspections, repairs, check on closing paperwork and set us up with all the local nuances we needed to know.”
N. Scott
"If you let them put your house on the market, you better be ready to move cuz they sell fast good people friendly people good service."
D. Gibson