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We help you reach your potential.

All you need to do is tell us what’s driving your decision to be successful—your “WHY”.  We’ll supply you with the path to get there—your “HOW”.

At EXIT Real Estate Solutions, we focus on building a better you, building your physical, emotional and career needs.  Our end goal is to have you reach your given potential.  That’s what puts us ahead of the competition. 

Our warm and welcoming team culture works on your well-being, providing support along the way and improving your overall lifestyle.  Whether you are a seasoned agent or brand new to the business, we provide the type of training and encouragement you need as you move towards your WHY.

What’s Your WHY?

Why do you work? Most of us do it to reach goals or dreams, no matter how strange or lofty. Maybe your goal is to buy a 40-foot air-stream camper for family vacations. . .or maybe its to have the time to train for a triathlon. . .or maybe it’s to live debt-free.

Here’s Your HOW

At Exit Real Estate Solutions, we’ve developed a way for you to achieve your goals. Whether you are new to the real estate business or a seasoned agent, we supply in-depth training, mentoring, technology, and unlimited income potential.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Ed Andrews – Broker & Owner

Let Us Help You Find Your Happy Place

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EXIT Real Estate Solutions

unique culture

We know that many times it takes a village to make things happen. Our unique culture is more like a family—a collaborative team that lends continuous support to all who join.

Physical Wellness - Exit Real Estate Solutions

Because we believe in emotional and physical wellness, we offer special discounts to our agents for beneficial products and services.​

We enjoy giving back. ERES agents support many charitable organizations with their time and support. And, we’re always looking for more places to help!

EXPERIENCE it for yourself

Call and ask to attend one of our training sessions or speak with Ed or Heather

Give us a call and stop by.  See if it’s a good fit for you.  If so, we’ll get you moving ASAP.  If not, we’ll at least answer some questions for you regarding Real Estate. 


"The training I receive here continues to better my career in Real Estate. Also, Ed, Janie and the 80 or so other agents here are great resources for me in our market."
"I have sometimes heard people talk about a workplace being like a family, but I've never experienced that until now. EXIT Real Estate Solutions really is like family! And, when Affiliate Brokers are provided with the support and tools they need, they in turn serve their clients to the greatest extent possible."
J. Gregory
Affiliate Broker
"The EXIT sponsorship program has been a great financial benefit. And, I love that this office feels like a family."
M. King